There is a new economy

coming where travelers want to make their journey on a flexible way, using individual transportation means to reach the final destiny.

This “new economy model” is very flexible and based on individual wishes of the travelers.

A small foldable scooter as a back pack ( the Wheelie)  has been proposed however also  a small individual micro car (The OlegO) has been proposed.

The most fascinated idea is that Old economy models and new Economy concepts can be integrated be used is such a way as later on proposed.


Starting point

with the concept proposal is to drastically reduce the emissions of fine dust as well as reducing NOx and CO2 which are causing Global warming. 

Another problem around the public stops are the many (old and rusty) cycles which are parked as close to the entrance of each stop/station.

This is an additional eager for other travelers. Amazing that mostly each traveler has two bicycles, one at the closest home station and the other at the station at work.


Smart mobility city concept.

Responsible persons at the town hall are forced by the European Union lawyers to reduce their emission levels drastically to prevent getting penalties of millions of Euros.

Those emissions are presently far above the set levels so there is a need to do something.

When considering the effect of Global warming it can be noticed that every body see the negative effects on the nature. Less know are the many casualties with lung and heart deceases and the large number dying people. The social cost for society are extremely high and this also must be taken into,  consideration when selecting a new concept.


The solution

for the new economy mobility will be as follows:

An outside ring around the inner city needs to be defined, where travelers with a fossil driven car are not allowed to enter.

Close to the Metro stations and close to train bus stations modular compact Parkings are build.

Those parking are modular produced and each Lego-like module can be connected to another Lego block on top or aside each other.

Two rows are modules are located face to face with in between a free row.

Car drivers are entering the parking and they are leaving the car on a platform.

The platform automatically moves the car into a free module  of one of the rows and stored there.


The traveler who is hiring the parking place are getting  access to a Wheelie or an Olego according to his/her desire.

The rental fee is part of the entire deal.

With the Wheelie one can travel into the Metro/Train or bus taking the Wheelie as a trolley. Coming at the desire end station the Wheelie bring the passenger to the final destiny, at the time the passenger wanted.

He/she can further travel to the end destiny while taking the Wheelie inside the building while loading the batteries.

It is a very flexible means of transport and the unit is always available like a snake house and a snake.


The second proposal is the OlegO , a micro compact vehicle with additional options to add a second seat or to add a shopping car, which can be separated from the main car to do shopping.

Also this feature is in the same renting fee as the for the parking.


DuvedeC-Images-Wijngaart---151119-1-4.jpgModular compact parking


Present parkings inside cities are very inefficient in space and consequently in costs.

Seeing the enormous waste of spce around the contours of a car, both in width and in height and not to say the maneuverability space required  one can say the within the complete volume of a parking much more cars can be parked using the modular WES parking.

The elements of the parking are designed in such a way all the Lego blocks are identically manufactured and thus low prices as mass product.

At the same time the modules are supplied in a flat package like an IKEA package which makes it very easy to assemble.


At the building site there is only a need for a proper construction to carry the foundation.

A complete parking can be built within a couple of days.

A second possibility is to select for a ground position which is flexible since the parking is not intended to be used over decades. For the Landowners is has the advantage that it can be used on contract basis.


See enclosed the principle of the parking and the proposed lay-out.


The Wheelie


This transportation means is developed with the intention to be an individual object belonging to an individual person. It is like a snail with its house on the back.

The Wheelie is a compact and very flexible unit suitable to carry around in the trunk of a car, but is intended to be hired at the parking to go for the last miles.

The function of the Wheelie is:

-standing to be used as fun riding

-sitting to travel on a normal way

-trolley use to overlap smaller distances

-back pack to go in a metro or others having free hands.


The weight is max. 10 kilogram and with a limited travel distance of around 25 km while the speed is being around 25 km/h

The OlegO 

This micro compact car is as the Wheelie full electric driven and is light weight.

Apox 250 kg weigh including the batteries.

The car combines a very attractive design with a high standard of comfort, however is intended to travel inside cities.

The Olego is further equipable with a second seat or an additional shopping car which is detachable to the main body.

The OlegO will be proposed in a closed, version but also in a half open and an open version.

All models will get the features os a second seat and a shopping car.


The car is intended as a supplement of driving flexibility inside the city center but also around the pick-up station.



Additional features

In a later stage the modular parkings have a specific space with the option to keep free the floor spaces for further activities like distribution storage for food, connected to a micro distribution net work for letters and packages.  But also restaurant like WE-eat can find a place there.  With the electric Olego or the Wheelie packages as well as food can be delivered just in time.

An alternative can be to deliver the food packages in side the trunk of the cars or deliver it at the same time the car is being pick upped.

The OlegO as the name says, is of a modular design and further features can be added to the basic structure to make it extremely flexible in use.

Business case

As a member of the mobility Friends you have privileges above individuals.

Your card will fit into the parking slot but also in the Olego as well as the Wheelie.

This is the key to enter the system

It is the intention to make several packages for short parking as well as for long parking. Various to be defined apps will become available.

Since the series production costs for modular parking’s are much lower than conventional as well as the production costs are low for the products mentioned it is possible to have all the mentioned elements distributed from one hand. It all depends on the costs for renting the floor space.

This means that there are many different packages to be proposed, which will be worked out during the detailed feasibility study.

As it is measured during a one day car free Paris, a reduction of 40% on NOx is calculated and an enormous reduction on noise. What will be the effects during a whole year situation.

Additionally the small cars and the wheelie can be used to generate advertisements since the unit is frequently seen on the street. Think on airplane companies and football clubs.


All mobilities are getting their own navigation system as well as status of the vehicle like battery load and left kilometers  etc.

Advantages for Rotterdam

  • high reduction on Global warming as the transport inside the center is completely electric
  • no fine dust emission which protect the inhabitants from deceases
  • no NOx since the drive is electroic
  • extra reduction in noise level which brings the inner city back to the visitors/inhabitants. The cars are no more the heroes!
  • no penaltie fees dictated by the European Union
  • a better and more pleasant inner city for shopping and this will bring  a higher turn over for shop owners and indirect to more income tax.
  • when the innercity is isolated there is room for further developments autonomous driven vehicles.