Under the heading of proposition for Rotterdam the first Phase, the concept definition has been done by the two persons mentioned underneath, Aad van der Wijngaart and Roeland Hogt.

Two experienced persons working on innovation concept with the aim of changing the world for getting a healthy planet.

They both have done a preliminary phase as a teaser or as a wake up call that something has to be changed.

It was not the intention of the two to tell ”this is the only way to solve the problems”. This phase has been done with own “out of pocket money”.


Once the concept has been accepted by decision makers it is the intention to start an open Platform in order to optimize the concept idea to a full operational model.

We are inviting several specialists working for us in their own disciplines however under the responsibility of the platform committee.


Such specialists are:  lawyer/accounting members, designers for shaping and statics. But also governmental responsibilities are needed like implementation engineers and funding specialists.

Those people are working in our open platform but under responsibility of the project managers of the platform.