Rotterdam does not stand alone when  levels,  set by the European Union  for maximum  emission of fine dust as well as for CO2 are passed. Nearly all bigger cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Haque  are encountering the same problems. This means that the EU can present a penalty fee which can easily be over millions of Euros. 

Those emissions are caused by the many fossil fuel driven cars which are driving mostly slowly or are standing still. Due to the high emissions and fine dust the levels of CO2 and fine dust are very high and such dust particles are inhaled by the people living in the innercity. Both are causing global warming as well as lung diseases.



Our living climate has to be improved in order to prevent climate changes which are noticed all over the globe. Storms, floods which are unpredictable destroying homes, mostly of the poor people. Fine dust is attacking our lungs with the consequence that this causing many casualties. It is our task to clean our planet while making a wealthy atmosphere.



It is of prime importance to stop the high level of emission and this only can have a positive effect when the inner city is closed for fossil driven cars. It is further necessary to offer the passengers, travelling inside the inner ring    of the city a transportation mean to reach their final destination. Closing the inner city is no sinecure when not offering adequate individual transport. 

In our vision there exists a nice public infra structure like a metro network, a train and busses. There is, at this moment not a functional flexible transport means to connect individual selected spots with mainstream transportation spots. 

With other words, conventional cars cannot easily communicate with main stream transport. It is therefore necessary to combine conventional transport by installing modular car storages while individual transport can be mixed with mainstream transport. A modular parking system, combined with a foldable scooter or a compact one person car can service all duties to be able to travel from A to B.

The solution